Due to its interdisciplinary flavour, this conference brings together researchers from the areas of social sciences (e.g. organizational science, communication, management science, decision sciences, cultural economics, societal complexity, sociology, media research, etc.), operations research, computational intelligence, agent-based simulation, applied mathematics, and econophysics.

The conference programme consists of tutorials and invited and contributed papers. We encourage those interested in the conference to submit their contribution on the following topics listed below:

  • Social policy modelling and decision support systems
  • Social cohesion modelling and metrics
  • Concepts and models of the social capital
  • Cultural behavioural modelling
  • Concepts and models of creative societies and economies
  • Globalization, society polarization, and cultural identity issues
  • Operations research methodologies for societal complexity of cultural processes
  • Behavioural operations research
  • OR and Ethics understanding of the dynamics of cultural processes
  • Culture and sustainability: the theoretical and methodological approach
  • Agent-based social simulation systems
  • Multiagent systems and agent societies
  • Computational intelligence applications in social sciences
  • Statistical data analysis in social research
  • Social impact and medicine
  • Computational social science
  • Social complexity modelling
  • Complex adaptive social systems
  • Agent-based computational economics
  • Artificial society modelling

However, theoretical and applied contributions on other topics of modelling and simulation of social-behavioural phenomena in creative societies are welcome as well.