The growing challenges of societal sustainability, social complexity, behavioural operations research, and cohesion are becoming more and more acknowledged worldwide. However, there is a conceptual and analytical gap in understanding the driving forces behind them. Thorough multidisciplinary research efforts are in demand for making important contributions, starting from concepts and models, and ending with recommendation and decision support systems capable of contributing to the effective global and Europe-wide cultural and social policy formation agendas.

Application of computational models to study issues in the social sciences has been undergoing rapid development during the last decades. The conference MSBC-2019 aims to create an open panel for an effective dialogue among researchers and practitioners interested in the integration between computer science and social science, with the aim of strengthening the visibility, recognition, and understanding of problems of simulation and modelling in social sciences, and providing developmental opportunities for young European scientists as well as students.

Since the challenges such as migration, globalization, the radicalization of society, uneven economic growth and welfare distribution, social cohesion, etc., are closely connected with different levels of cultural impact, the conference is focussed, in particular, on modelling and simulation of concepts and models of modern culture and their impact on social capital and sustainability.

The conference is organised under the auspice of the European Association of Operational Research Societies (EURO) in the format of the EURO mini conference.